Chris Pirillo saves a life with a link

Ok, that might be a bit of hyperbole, but this is pretty cool…

Chris Pirillo mentioned Healthline’s Symptom Search as one of his picks of the day yesterday.

Shortly thereafter, he added the following to his post:

“Hours after sending these links to subscribers, I received a note from Kaywin Davis:

“You just did me a great service: I’m 72 and probably one of your oldest subscribers. I’ve not been feeling well and assumed it was just part of getting old. When I saw your health link I decided to check it out (Symptom Search). I typed in my symptoms and received a diagnosis. I called my doctor and he ordered a blood test. The prognosis is I have pernicious anemia. The doctor stated it was treatable and prescribed ferrous sulfate and vitamin C. Thank you for the wonderful and timely link. “

Dude. That’s awesome!”

Awesome indeed! As I mentioned when I joined Healthline and implied when we launched Symptom Search, being able to work on a product that truly makes a difference in people’s lives is a core part of Valley culture and my personal passion. I’m grateful to Chris for sharing this with others (and posting a testimonial, something we should probably do with the feedback we get every day!) because through his simple gift of a link he was able to help someone live a healthier and happier life. That feels great!

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