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Google Personalized News = Findory exit?

Greg Sterling notes that Google News just got much more personal, including recommendations. Sounds a bit like Findory (or, for that matter, FireFly) to me. It’s very interesting that Google chose to launch this product, which requires monitoring of your

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Media, analysts grokking Healthline

Wow, an amazing couple of days recently at the office. We announced that PacifiCare was launching a site using our health search platform. Forrester Research, dropped a very complimentary piece on us. And just tonight, the New York Times’ Bob

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Uh, Happy New Year!?

Alright, this is a little embarrassing. 3 months until my fourth year of blogging, and I haven’t written much more than a disclaimer in months. Shameful! On a positive note, I’ve dropped 5% body fat and can once again fill

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