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EVDB is live

Events as a platform is a very compelling concept (I’ve been thinking about this since ’99 and my ‘all occasion gift registry’ play)… but I wonder what unique algorithms the EVDB crew has built to better hearvest, winnow and validate

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The Value of Search Marketing Relationships

Greg Sterling notes that Microsoft’s $150MM advertising campaign has increased their share of the search market share by 1.4% (from 12.8% to 14.2%), and states (more than asks): “Is that any kind of ROI?” A somewhat difficult question to answer,

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Need a Yahoo 360 Invite?

Well, after 45 minutes, Blogger has finally decided to let me post (the irony)… I’m guessing everyone already has their Yahoo! 360 invite by now, but if not, feel free to leave a comment (or email me at –removed–) and

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This Weekend in Advertising…

Lots of interesting buzz this weekend: Rafat at PaidContent digs through job listings and determines that Yahoo! is hiring with plans of taking paid listings mobile. If you’ve read my bit on thinking about search advertising abstractly, you’re not surprised

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4000 hours of development for $75

Are you an entreprenuer? Looking to bootstrap your latest start-up? Need cheap — cheaper than offshoring! — development help? No problem. Just take out an ad for $75 on Craigslist, and convince 100 out of 2000 applicants to spend 40

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More market data on Blog reading and writing

Building on the recent data releases by BlogAds and Technorati (part 2 here), Feedster’s corporate blog (Disclosure: I’ve done consulting work for Feedster in the past) points to two ‘new’ studies. From a recent CNN, USA Today and Gallup study,

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Danah’s Initial Impressions of Yahoo 360

Well, unlike yours truly, it looks like Danah Boyd is an “influencer” in Yahoo!’s eyes, and therefore got a sneek peek at Yahoo! 360 (nope, I’m not bitter…). Her comments are posted over at the Many-to-Many blog at Corante, in

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A look at A9’s OpenSearch

A wrote a very quick blurb when A9 initially launched — and recently jotted down some thoughts on their Local Search/Yellow Pages play — but had intended to follow-up with a longer piece on where I suspected A9 might go

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Topix Valuation Conundrum

Questions around the valuation that Topix received continue to swirl in the absence of hard data. Jeff Clavier takes a smart look at the “facts” we do have, and speculates on the meaning of the deal (and valuation) vis-a-vis the

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Well, I’m late to the party, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention it. JD Lassica emailed me (via mailing list) on Monday to inform me that his brain child (along with partner Marc Canter and a dedicated cast

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