good golf session. lots of contact. a few (like 3-5) solid, clean hits.

major issues remain… over striking, wicked hook (slice?), keeping my head down & transfering weight between legs… likely all somewhat related, heh.

funny note for the day. got back from golf/groceries, had a msg…

“hello, this is a call from san francisco community jail. this is a collect call from… [julio]… will you accept the charges.”

damn, wrong number for your one call from jail. now that’s a bad day!

$25 in cables later, my box is now hooked up to my system. while i hate the extra cable on the ground vs. deeje’s wireless solution, the sound is very clean (depending on the source for the .mp3) with no analog/RF degradation. now i need a 100GB external, firewire card and a 24x/10x/40x cd-rw drive. 24x = 4 min CD rip.

now perhaps i ought to /do/ something today… ;p

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