For those sharing my GUID fixation… work from MIT may seal the deal:

We’re just at the beginning of a new age of products, devices and objects

that talk to us — and to each other. “We’re really talking about the next

50 years of computing,” says the executive director of the Auto-ID Center

at MIT, which is one of the organization studying ways of using computer

chips embedded in tiny pieces of plastic attached to just about everything,

including egg cartons, eyeglasses, books, toys, trucks, and money. The tags

are currently known as Radio Frequency Identification Tags (REIG), and the

Auto-ID Center calls the core of its standard “ePC” or Electronic Product

Code. Companies such as Wal-Mart, Gillette, and Procter & Gamble have

committed to using the technology. As for privacy issues? Accenture

scientist Glover Ferguson agrees that privacy will be an issue, and says:

“There will have to be a social discourse about what we want and don’t

want. But the technology isn’t going away. You can’t un-invent it.” (

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