then there was MCIs announcement this week about The Neighborhood…

Now, you may at first blush think that about $50 or $60 per month is not so

hot. But, here’s a little math exercise. Add up what you’re paying now

for local phone service. Then add in what you pay in a month for any type

of toll call within the United States – that includes calls to other

states, calls within your home state, “local toll” or “zone” calls if you

get charged for them – in short, any call that you get charged extra for

within the U.S. For many people, you’re over $50 per month already. But

then ask yourself – can I put a value on never having to worry that a call

is costing too much? On never having to yell at my kid to get off the

phone with grandma because it’s running up the phone bill? On never having

to stop and think, even for a moment, what a particular call will cost, as

long as you know it’s in the United States?

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