What’s more important? The ability to turn the Arab states into holders of worthless crude oil, or, the continuing profits of huge predominately US multinational oil companies? For many years, the later has outweighed the importance of the former, and technology that would allow us to get significantly better gas mileage has been surpressed (yes, I’m all about conspiracy theories these days). Will the US gov’t attempt to surpress the significance of VWs latest product, or have the events of 9/11 finally brought sanity to our energy policy?

Less than 1 liter/100 km – that’s the fuel consumption of Volkswagen’s

latest super-economy car, unveiled at the company’s AGM, and driven 230 km

to the meeting by outgoing chairman Dr. Ferdinand Piëch.

The world’s most economical car, full licensed for road use, and built in

conditions of great secrecy despite many claims that such a technological

feat was impossible, was driven under its own power from Volkswagen’s plant

in Wolfsburg to the meeting venue in Hamburg.

Dr Piëch, a great car enthusiast, drove the whole distance along two

autobahns and across the River Elbe bridges to the finishing point at the

Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten on Hamburg’s Binnenalster lake, at an average speed

of 75 km/h – despite pouring rain and heavy traffic.

The car’s top speed is 120 km/h.




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