been away from my blog for quite a while. passion seems to come in fits for me.

some catch up on a few ‘thangs…

– great to be back in touch with SM; that boy cracks me up. very interesting to see his blog topics, especially those related to his work. while my work life is mostly filled with intrique (internal politics, compeitive scheming, etc), scott’s reality is, well, real.

– deeje posted a ton ‘o stuff today feeding out of this year’s wwdc (apple). from a brief skim, it sounds like apple is going more and more turnkey around their “digital hub for the home” vision. it’s going to be very interesting to see how msft decides to counter this. msft has traditionally left significant room for 3rd party h/w vendors, choosing to “solve” compatibility issues through published standards and OS abstraction (drivers et al). this approach allows widespread competitive innovation, at the expense of a seamless single-provider experience.

– middle east. no suicide bombings for almost a month, then today, only a few days after arafat’s release and simultaneous w/ a real-time mtg between bush and sharon, another suicide bombing.

– spidey. caught it w/ marty this past saturday. overall, a good flick. best part? audience participation. shocking, i know, but people actually applauded during and after the movie. very refreshing.

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