I’ve commented on MITs development in this area… Interesting to see one of the first practical uses. This will change everything in supply chain/asset mgmt eventually. (TKT again)


Some libraries have started using radio frequency identification (RFID) tags in their books to streamline check-in, check-out, and inventory tracking, as well as helping to minimize theft. RFID tags contain information about the book, like bar code tags that have become common in libraries. Unlike bar code tags, though, RFID tags can be read without being visually scanned. With RFID tags, librarians can check books in or out without ever opening them or looking for the bar code. Inventory can be taken simply by walking through the stacks and passing a wireless reader wand over the books. Rockefeller University Library uses the tags, which set off alarms and activate video cameras when the system detects a non-checked-out book passing out of a library exit. At 50 cents or more, however, RFID tags are significantly more expensive than bar code tags, which cost about 2 cents.


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