wow, what an interesting day or two in the news

russia in nato

india and pakistan talking war and nukes

arafat drafts a constitution

govt warns terrorists may have shoulder-fired anti-aircraft launchers; commercial jets vulnerable

fbi to be given sweeping new domestic spying rights

completion of cleanup at ground zero

is this a full muslim uprising/birth? will it trigger china?

our technology and physical economic accelerants are coming under attack, from transportation (airplanes) to communication (postal system)

digital could be next, but physical is much more “terrifying” and requires less sophistication

honestly, my day to day life hasn’t changed much since 9/11. sure, i think about the value of certain activities a little more than before, but i don’t spend a lot of time worrying that i might die in an explosion at the corner market

but that is their goal. and to the degree that they succeed, some of our cultural values will change and our traditions

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