alright, a little catch up is due…

– birthday party… what i remember of it, it was a blast. unfortunately somehow opie was put in charge of both refilling my glass of sangria (note to self: sangria is not koolaid) AND the camera. i’ll be picking up the photographic evidence tonight from marty, who thankfully managed to keep my camera in sf… my credit card made it back down to la w/o me, lol

– had a killer interview w/ netflix yesterday. pretty junior position for me (sr. product mgr) and a 60M one-way drive. but damn, the people were smart and super friendly. perhaps if i get the job (more rounds of interviews to go) i can rent a room both in sj and sf so i can keep the party flavor. i can’t do another 5 yrs in mountain view.

– carol called me out of the blue yesterday w/ an extra giants ticket. first time at pacbell park. we got crushed, but it was still a blast. most memorable moment… national anthem. we were standing at the concession stands while the singer was singing… NOT A DAMN PERSON TALKED OR EVEN MOVED, including our cashier. it was almost eerie to see how much more respectful people are now…

– heading down to la this weekend for nikki’s surprise 30th bday. looking forward to some time in the sun.

– 10-20-70 fat-carb-protein (give or take) lifting diet is working out very well so far… hovering in the 175-177 range and feeling/looking much better.

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