Xybernaut, a specialist in “wearable” PCs, is teaming up with Second Chance

Body Armor, the leading U.S. manufacturer of protective body gear, to

create high-tech body armor that incorporates computing capability.

“They’ve created a version of their body armor that is not only protecting

the individual but includes support and protection for the computing

device,” says a Xybernaut spokesman. “It can stop a .44 Magnum round or a

9mm full-metal jacket, which covers a good portion of what you might face

if you’re a soldier or a police officer on patrol. For somebody in a

tactical role, having a full PC equivalent that’s body worn and gives you a

number of options for accessing the data can be a huge advantage.” The body

suit originally was commissioned by the U.S. Army, which uses it for field

repair technicians and other noncombat positions, but military and police

officials have indicated interest in using the systems to feed intelligence

and other data to personnel in combat or patrol situations.


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