deeje posted an interesting article on the addictive nature of sugar (carbs in general, really)

while i don’t fully concur w/ the articles final statements, it’s good to see the light click on for someone else w.r.t. the poisonous diet the FDA currently recommends

on that note… after a couple weeks back in the gym (after a lazy lapse of a month off) the scale now reads 170

i ran into the gym coordinator @ my apt complex today, who agreed to do a skin-fold caliper test (body fat measurement) for me. unfortunately , this relatively accurate test (+/- 2%) put me at 17.5% (still considered “good”) vs. the fairly unbelievable 12% that the quick ‘n dirty online calculator ( i’ve been using estimated (lol, i wish!)

she only sampled twice and did it in a bit of a hurry, so for the sake of argument, i’m going to call it 17% even 😉

so, to get to my goal of 10%, i’m looking at roughly another 10 lbs. fwiw, she said i had the genetics to have killer abs! (heh)

note to self: add heart rate monitor and tanita scale to my “shit to buy when i have a job again” list

perhaps for the first time in my life i’ll actually get to see them?!?! we’ll see…

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