Deeje posted two interesting items in his blog today

#1 Possible Apple iPhone:

Yes, it likely will happen. Why? Because MSFT has been developing one for the past two years. Like MSFT, Apple /must/ proliferate its OS onto all appropriate devices. Cellphones/PDAs are an obvious form-factor, esp for a company w/ a solid reputation for industrial design and a growing reputation for integration

#2 Does Dave Winer Get it:

Sometimes before we do, sometimes clearly not. Here’s a counter proposal to NOT seeking patents (which is about the worst idea I’ve ever heard) — Open Source Patents. Form a governing body, perhaps “”. Allow devs to patent their inventions and sell them to USOSP for $1.00. Allow USOSP, with the appropriate licensing/contract structure, to license the patents out to all takers… or trade rights for usage for other key patents held my the big corporate meanies (MSFT, SUN, IBM, et al.)

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