Women strip for ‘satellite mammogram’

Posted Thu, 27 Jun 2002

Four Portuguese women, who followed instructions to strip naked to their waist and stand at their window or on their balcony so they could have a mammogram by satellite, have complained to police, local press reported Thursday.

The four, aged between 19 to 45 and living in the Algarve region in southern Portugal, contacted police during the last week, the newspaper Publico reported.

The women said they were contacted by phone by a woman identifying herself as a doctor who proposed a revolutionary method to examine their breasts — a mammogram by satellite.

They were told to strip naked to the waist and stand either at their window or on the balcony in the direction of the “satellite”.

The women were told the consultation would be free on the condition that they follow instructions. All believed what they were told and one even completely undressed, police said.

The “mammogram” results were communicated by telephone but this time the doctor vividly described her sexual desires, the women told police.

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