BusinessWeek recently did their annual Bschool review. This week, they published reader leaders responding to their articles. This one, whose sentiment I shared with Deeje some months back, captured my eye. I found it interesting that BizWeek chose to run it as lead commentary for the entire month’s Reader Report section:

“One statistic missing from “The best B-schools” (Covery Story, Oct. 21) is their dropout rates. With graduation virtually guaranteed and an inflation in programs (executive, evening, etc.), 20% of graduates will pound the pavement for years to come as long as the hardest part of business school is the getting-in.

The way to restore value to the MBA is through an independent certification process akin to the bar exam or CPA exams – a “Certified MBA” standard. Then business schools would not only produce graduates who are more likely to succeed (i.e., land a job) but would also attract more women and other underrepresented groups.”

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