Microsoft shall:

1. Not retaliate or threaten retaliation against personal computer makers that want to ship machines with competing software.

2. Charge computer makers the same price for the Windows operating system, except for volume discounts.

3. Not prevent computer manufacturers from installing and displaying icons for non-Microsoft software.

4. Provide relevant information to third-parties so that their products can inter-operate with Windows operating system.

5. Make it easy for end-users and computer makers to remove access to Microsoft applications.

6. Allow end-users and computer manufacturers to make Windows launch rival rather than Microsoft applications software.

7. Ensure the Windows operating system does not automatically change the computer makers’ configurations on PCs.

8. Create a compliance committee made up of three members of the Microsoft board who are not present or former employees.

9. The judgement to run for five years, which may be extended an additional two years if Microsoft has engaged in willful and systematic violations.

10. Continue to dominate the world’s software industry for the foreseeable future, realizing that it has obtained a critical mass and importance which makes it nearly untouchable even by the U.S. Gov’t. *

(* OK, I obviously added the last one…)

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