“Matthew Emmert discusses the phenom of ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’ on

Deeje writes in his blog on 7/15/03 about Rich Dad, Poor Dad. Ironically, I just bought and crashed through the book this past weekend. (A little easy reading after Deming, Senge and the like.)

I took a lot out of it, primarily that as an independent contractor, I need to be a lot more progressive in my thinking about minimizing my taxes through whatever legal options are available and appropriate — self employment taxes are just rediculous. I also need to look for cash flow generating assets… or some other way to get the $ I’ve managed to save to work significantly harder for me than they currently are. Well worth the $15.

The truth is that Kiyosaki, and those like him, can make far more money selling you their ‘proven methods’ than they ever could employing those methods themselves. The only available evidence leads one to believe that Kiyosaki has amassed whatever wealth he has by selling his methods, as opposed to employing them.

I read the first book years ago, and liked the message that real estate is a worthwhile investment vehicle. A friend of mine read the same book, and thought Kiyosaki was saying that buying your first home isn’t a good investment. Phooey! Then again, I lost interest when I started receiving tons of marketing materials for ‘investment seminars’ from Kiyosaki’s Co. which pushed people into multi-level marketing schemes. Phooey on that, too!”

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