Export of core tech jobs could imperil the American programmer

I’ll comment on this later. Here’s a snipet:

SAN JOSE, California (AP) — Peter Kerrigan encouraged friends to move to Silicon Valley throughout the 1980s and ’90s, wooing them with tales of lucrative jobs in a burgeoning industry.

But he lost his network engineering job at a major telecommunications company in August 2001 and remains unemployed. Now 43, the veteran programmer is urging his 18-year-old nephew to stay in suburban Chicago and is discouraging him from pursuing degrees in computer science or engineering.

“I told him, ‘Unless you’re planning to do this as a path to technical sales, don’t do it,'” said Kerrigan, who lives in Oakland. “He won’t be able to have a career designing and building stuff because all those jobs have moved to India.”

Like many unemployed programmers, Kerrigan blames the sour labor market on offshore outsourcing — the migration of tech jobs to relatively low-paid contractors or locally hired employees in India, China, Russia and

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