What’s Next for Digital Photography” For the future, Aaland says there are a few new abbreviations that will change photography forever. One is EXIF, which stands for “Exchangeable Image File.” EXIF is more generally known as “metadata”, and it is the standard by which additional information can be encoded into the photo at the moment it’s taken. Date and time stamping, of course, is old stand-by from chemical film, but EXIF allows a far broader range: type of camera, F-stop, shutter speed, ISO (the digital equivalent of film speed), whether a flash was used. And it can go much further: one professional camera already lets you use GPS data from the global positioning system to record exactly where on earth each photo was taken.

emphasis added. as usual, deeje and i were several years ahead of the market in calling this. unfortunately, as usual, neither of us will likely capitalize on our prognostication. in the future, perhaps this can be resolved by publishing, if not by developing our ideas.

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