Four Gigabytes For Digital Photos: “At least on the digital side, the companies who make the flash cards used to store images are trying to make that experience happen less often. Storage cards are getting bigger every few months. The latest card with the largest capacity we’ve seen came recently from Lexar Media (nasdaq: LEXR – news – people ). It’s a massive 4-gigabyte CompactFlash format card, which is as yet the most common format for digital cameras.

Aimed directly at professional photographers, the card can store up to 600 images in RAW format using a 6-megapixel camera. That should be good news for other high-end photographers, those who make up the so-called prosumer niche: expert consumers who love to use professional-quality gear. ”


Flash RAM capacity is growing quickly… but so are the requirements for storage! The ‘new’ RAW format is obviously the right decision from a quality perspective… but 600 images requiring 4GB? Ugh. And while the megapixels keep climbing, bandwidth isn’t. I warned Ofoto about this a few years back when I was Director of Product Management there… but I’ve yet to see them develop a solution. With CostCo cranking out great quality at $0.19 a shot vs. Ofoto’s $0.48, it’s hard to see them as anything other than a boutique… certainly not what Kodak needs.

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