Roland Tanglao’s Weblog: Thursday, September 25, 2003: “QUOTE

The Big Blog Company’s product is the establishment of weblogs for businesses, imparting knowledge and on-going mindset needed for a blog to be effective. The weblogs themselves can come in many forms – business blog, charity blog, think-tank blog, product blog, context/lifestyle blog, etc. – depending on the nature of the company. Weblogs are characterised by five distinguishing features – format, style, content, software and contributors.

The services consist of processes necessary to equip a company with a blog and make it a successful communication tool.



Several comments to make here.

1. Thanks to Roland Tanglao for a reference in his blog to mine (resulting in my promotion to PR3). Roland seems to spend a lot of time thinking deeply and insightfully about the blog space (given my quick read of her last dozen blog entries) and attended BloggerCon. I’m disappointed that he doesn’t seem to have met my friend Deeje Cooley, who is passionately focused on the Blog space, as evidenced by his latest start-up,

2. Roland’s name is awfully familiar, but I simply can’t place it. It’s possible I’ve seen him on Ryze. Nonetheless, his web site holds a PR6 Google rank, which means that there are quite a few people who find his comments compelling… I’ll have to dig deeper.

3. I congratulate Dave Winer for the many transitions he’s made in areas of product/service/technical focus he’s made throughout the years. I hope I’m able to say the same 10 or 20 years from now.

4. I really wish I knew more about what Deeje was doing with BloggerJack and how he was promoting his vision and services. It certainly seems like his timing is spot on. Fingers crossed…

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