BuzzMachine… by Jeff Jarvis: “The click heard ’round the world

: Martin Nisenholtz, the very smart and focused head of New York Times Digital, gave a visionary speech this week to the Information Industry Summit [via PaidContent] in which he says that media is awaiting its Pong, its application that unleashes something wholly new and with it a new creative class and a new industry. ”


Deeje, would love your thoughts on this. Dan Gillmor covered it in his blog yesterday (didn’t he take a break to watch the game)?

I agree with many of the comments on presentation architecture; “news” (and information in general) will become far richer in the future, not just through the integration of multiple medias (video, sound, text, pictures, etc), but also through the beginnings of annotation that we’re seeing today (links w/ additional analysis, comments, etc), all of which is made richer by the multitudes of perspectives that people of various backgrounds might hold.

New creation, is, however, a different beast. We have an insatiable appetite for up-to-the-minute information on anything and everything. And while the multitudes can surely provide valuable first-person writing… if it is not their job to do so, they are unlikely to provide the continuity of coverage that your local professional media outlet does. That seems pretty key to me.

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