“It’s time to buy a new car. The commute to Redwood City is taking its toll on the Jeep, and I don’t need to be wasting the gas or the engine on it any longer. The requirements for this new car include:

good gas mileage

fit in garage

easy to get J in and out of car seat

automatic transmission

Given these requirements, I’m looking at a small-body 4-door sedan, and definitely not looking at any kind of SUV/truck. My first choice would be a beemer, but the 3 series doesn’t offer an automatic transmission. I hate commuting as it is, and I think having to drive stick in rush-hour traffic will make it less fun, not more. The Volvos look good, but they’re actually too wide for my garage door. So now I’m seriously considering the Acura TSX, which seems to offer a nice balance of sporty performance with family functionality.”


Ah, color me a tad green. I’m in a serious new car buying mood, but am holding off until the end of the year and calling it a graduation gift to myself! OF COURSE BMW 3 series cars have automatics — they sell more of those than manuals, by a wide margin. Check out (still my fav car site).

The Acrua TSX is nice; affordable, four seats, 200 horsepower. But as the owner of a 4 banger Honda (Prelude VTEC w/ 190HP), I can tell you that the power is peaky — a very different ride than the BMW. Take a look at the TL while you’re at the Acura dealer; 270HP, built-in bluetooth, excellent handling, and still in the $30K range — currently my top choice…

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