Susan Mernit’s Blog: behavioral targeting and advertising effectivenes

Susan Mernit’s Blog: Navigating the Info Jungle: “IMedia: behavorial targeting and advertising effectiveness

Bill Grossman, behaviorial marketing services CEO has a piece in iMedia Connection today about behavioral targeting anbd online advertising.

Some quyotes:

‘Behaviorial targeting is the mirror image of keyword search. Where search brings a single user to a variety of relevant advertisers, behavioral targeting brings a single advertiser to a sizable audience of relevant prospects.


‘By coupling standard behavior with the behavior of the at-work online audience, advertisers can even target ad campaigns to specific job functions, industries or companies. That means an enterprise software company advertising on can be assured that their ads reach only CTOs, CIOs and others who have the greatest say in the decision to buy their products. And because this targeting is done at the campaign level, the company can build loyalty over time…'”

behavioral targeting is a mirror image in another critical way; it, like most placed advertising, captures that audience at a point in time when they are busy doing something else… versus search, which is an explicit statement of intent.

search is hot. it’s natural for folks to want to glom on to it… while behavioral, contextual, geo targeted advertising is a substantial step up from ROS, it isn’t the equivalent of search

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