Would you PLEASE quiet your "expression of happiness"

Sorry for this note, but I wanted to make you aware that your expression of happiness (sex groaning) has been really loud. It actually woke me up this morning, and nothing ever wakes me up besides an alarm clock or someone screaming in my ear.

Please take into consideration that there is a courtyard and noise echo’s greatly. I have been hearing you for several weeks/months now and can take it no more. Guests from out of town, family members, and yes even children have heard your obnoxious yelping. A friend of mine even confused you with a dog.

We all enjoy a good lay, but for the love of god…put a sock in it!!!!!!!

Your consideration is most appreciated.

The girlfriend of a friend of mine just left this on the door of a neighbor-girl after several months of listening to her rather (in her words) obnoxious love-making noise. (I’m half-mortified, half laughing my ass off.) I think this type of nonsense, along with the fear of a being in the midst of a continually expanding housing bubble, is what is keeping me from seriously considering investing $500K in a 2 bedroom common-wall box in SFBay.

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