It’s been ~20 years since my first BBS experience

People say Gen Y is the first generation to grow up online…

but they’re wrong.

I knew a lot of kids my age who were into BBSs, Usenet, Fidonet, etc way back when.

I wonder if anyone’s done a study to see how many 30-40 yr olds who are now in senior positions at online companies once frequented BBSs?

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2 comments on “It’s been ~20 years since my first BBS experience
  1. Anonymous says:

    No offence to whoever you are

    But BBSes have been around since 1989

    so no you haven’t 🙁

  2. Tony Gentile says:

    LOL! I shouldn’t feed the trolls, but uh, if you think BBSes have only been around since 1989, you don’t know your online history.

    Check out: