Escaping reality for a day

Monterey Bay Aquarium: Home Page

Been a long while since I’ve blogged. My personal reality hasn’t been all that good as of late, some circumstantial, some my own doing. It was with that mindset that Diana and I chose to escape the sweltering heat of the valley last Friday to spend a day in sunny but comparatively mild Monetrey Bay.

The drive down was beautiful (well, at least once we’d reached the 156W) landing us in Monetrey just past noon after a lazy morning of minor errands. We immediately headed for the friendly and playful sea otters, watching them dive and play (it’s amazing how long they can hold their breath). We spent the next several hours checking out the rest of the exhibits: sharks, octopi, jellies, tunas and so much more. Such a diversity of life, and… locomotion.

Eventually our bellies grumbled and our feet grew tired, so we took a scenic stroll from the aquarium to the old pier, stopping at all of the bay-side restaurants along the way to compare offerings. We eventually settled on happy hour margaritas and oster’s rockefeller, before heading to a proper dinner at rappas at the end of the pier. As luck would have it, we were seated window side, and enjoyed a tasty dinner while watching the sea lions & otters play amidst the sail boats. Belly’s content, we walked back as the sun set, glittering off the navy blue bay waters, and the windows of east-bay hotels we had stayed at in days past.

A beautiful day, to be sure.

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