AOL PassCode: Two Factor Authentication

There was a lot of back and forth this week on AOL’s new RSA double authentication login announcement. Frankly, I was quite surprised to see some people criticizing AOL for offering this service, and claiming that it was unnecessary.

While I hate to admit it (especially on my blog of all places), I don’t use a separate password on every site I’m a member of (and I bet you don’t either)… if I did, I’d have to keep a list somewhere, and that would defeat the purpose of a login.

But having an RSA card to use in conjunction with my half dozen or so passwords… now that would be nice; a solid level of security without obnoxious inconvenience.

And while it’s great to see AOL offering it, I’d rather see Bank of America, Fidelity and other Financial Services Co’s leading this charge.

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One comment on “AOL PassCode: Two Factor Authentication
  1. Anonymous says:

    Regardless of what type of Two Factor Authentication a business chooses to implement it’s a good decision. Of course the proper tools should be chosen based on company and security needs, however seeing as how it’s the best type of security we currently have it’s almost a crime not to use it to some degree.