Can your blog platform do this (w/o custom code)? Mine can’t…

I recently sent the following note to Blogger support:

I have a blog that I currently publish to my domain ( via Blogger. The main page is pushed as a child page of my domain (i.e.,

What I’d like to do is have a short list of “recent posts” show up on my **home page** (, so that new visitors to my site can see my most recent posts as they learn about me and my company, before clicking through to my blog.

Obviously, I’d like to do this in some automated fashion, vs. manually

updating my site home page (../index.html).

If this can be done (even if only via the Atom API), I’d appreciate any direction on making it happen. If not, please consider this a Wish/Suggestion.

Contrary to the helpful reply I received yesterday, I got the following reply today:

Thanks for writing in. Currently, Blogger Support does not support questions regarding customized template code or CSS/HTML in general. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Huh?! Perhaps I got lucky and got an unusally helpful rep yesterday. Or perhaps I got unlucky and got a rep that was ready to head home after a long week today (this rep didn’t insert his/her name).

Either way, being able to show my recent blog posts without having to write server side code on my end seems like a reasonable customer request/use case. Perhaps I need to reconsider my reply to Roland Tanglao and crew on current industry product management practices…

If you’ve got ideas on how to make this happen on Blogger; I’m all ears. Open to other platforms/tools as well. Thanks!

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