E-commerce blogs… where art thou?

I’ve got a ‘slew’ of what I consider to be timely, accurate and insightful blogs and traditional media outlets for Search, RSS, consumer electronics and general technology blogs, but am still searching for e-commerce and social software/media sources.

I came across Roland Tanglao’s Payment Views this morning, which looks like a keeper. But without offending Roland, I’d love to have more than one source (isn’t that what good journalism is all about)?

So, if you’re an ecommerce blogger or author, I invite you to please post a comment (and feel free to link/deep link to your blog and any posts/articles in the last 30 days that you think are particularly noteworthy). Thanks!

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One comment on “E-commerce blogs… where art thou?
  1. I have just started a new blog to support my teaching and research in ecommerce which you might be interested in. I would certainly be interested in sharing ideas. As well as teaching at a university I run a successful ecommerce development company.