Relevant Banners Reduce User Ire

Relevant Banners Reduce User Ire

Surprise! Well no, not really. It’s already well understood in most media circles that people buy newspapers, magazines, etc not only for the editorial, but also for the advertising (people buying the SJ Merc to get the Fry’s ads, or Sunday coupons are great examples).

Why? Because the advertising satsifies a need… i.e., it’s relevant.

Advertising is only (relatively speaking) if it:

1) Is overwhelming (in size, in speed, etc); and/or

2) Comprises editorial integrity (i.e., it appears that you’re on the take)

Some of the focus groups on Craigslist bore this out. Craigslist users LOVED that there were no ads on Craigslist. Why? Because the site was fast and uncluttered. When prompted with the fact that the MAJORITY of the content on Craigslist was in fact advertising (cars, apartments, etc for sale), people said it was fine, because it was what they were looking for (i.e., relevant)!

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