TechBargains + Gizmodo = Utopia?

Well, I’m sure I’m waaaaay behind the curve on this one, but I just found TechBargains and their RSS feed. If you’re also running behind, TechBargains basically aggregates all the “steals and deals” offered online (and off), such as 2GB CF cards for $199, discount codes at Dell, Ofoto, etc.

While that’s enough to put a smile on my face every time I open my RSS reader, I, of course, want more. What I’d love is a way of marrying Gizmodo and TechBargains; tagging new Gizmodo discoveries in my reader and having them emphasized (bold, goofy icon, what have you) when they eventually appear in TechBargains.

And of course, this could be done “reasonably” easy, as long as the two shared a common GUID (UPC code et al) in their XML schemas/DTDs, and my reader was smart enough to persist and scan for my request/intent.

Now *that* would finally be going above and beyond what we were doing at PointCast way back when.

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2 comments on “TechBargains + Gizmodo = Utopia?
  1. Anonymous says:

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  2. Tony Gentile says:

    PocketDeal looks pretty cool. The one thing missing for me is an RSS feed though. I like the notion of a client-side deal aggregator… it’s just that I don’t want to have to use their proprietary client when I already have a desktop and mobile RSS aggregator. 😉 Thanks for the heads-up.