Blogger Founder Evan Williams Retires

Evan Williams, Co-founder and CEO of Pyra Labs (makers of Blogger) announced today that he’s retiring… but only for a while.

Evan will be resting, exploring life (instead of working insane hours) and contemplating his next start-up.

As a user of his software/service, a peer in his age group who has likewise made many a life tradeoff to be in this industry, and fellow would be serial entreprenuer, I congratulate him on two key success — 1) the monetary success he now enjoys, and more importantly, 2) the introspection that will make him even happier and more successful going forward.

Congrats Evan!

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One comment on “Blogger Founder Evan Williams Retires
  1. Anonymous says:

    Hello Evan Williams,
    You’ve done very well for such a young man. I am trying to find family of
    H.Evan Williams 1867 -1918 . He was a famous singer all over the world.
    He was married to my grandmother’s sister, Margaret Jane Morgan. They lived in Thomastown, then Akron, Ohio. They had four children, Vernon, Even, another boy, and Gwendolin .
    Does any of this sound like family?
    I have much more. If you think someone in your family might want to e-mail with me, I’d appreciate it.
    You sound a lot like my son, who is in Dallas working with a company. He’s very inovative in tech. development. Scott Haas is his name. Mine is Martha L. Mullin, Toth I’m 56 yr. old and live in Cleveland Ohio. I grew up in and around Akron.
    Thanks for you help. Martha
    I’m a retired teacher.