Lunch with Greg Sterling of the Kelsey Group

I had lunch with Greg Sterling of the Kelsey Group (which is putting on the must-attend Interactive Local Media 2004 conference I’ll be blogging in early Nov).

By total coincidence, Greg had just finished talking with Mark Pincus of and was working on a piece for the NAA (Newspaper Association of America).

Greg and I had a great riff on a variety of topics, including Search, Local Search, the future of classifieds, where Google is headed next (no, it’s not a browser), and newspaper oddities: walled gardens and monetizing search stream traffic.

Needless to say, it was a great conversation. Net-net? Greg’s a bit more optimistic than I am (hey, he’s writing an article for their national association, does he have a choice)… but we both see glimmers of hope. I’ll post on his article if I can get my hands on it.

Update: Last link pointed to the wrong article.

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