Kanoodle, Six Apart partner for blog ads

Jessica Schweitzer of Hill & Knowlton shipped me a press release this morning noting that TypePad (made by Six Apart) subscribers will be able to ‘easily’ add Kanoodle contextual ads to their blog pages. (As I’ve previously noted, I’m amazed at how hard Google makes it for Blogger.com users to add AdSense ads and a Google search box to Blogger blogs; this should be a checkbox option, no HTML editing required.)

Of course, my follow-up email to Jessica was, “What about feeds?” No answer yet…

Unlike Dave Winer and Doc Searl’s stance at BloggerCon 3 this weekend, I see nothing wrong with trying to make money off of your blog content; more power to you. I do, however, agree with them in that, for most of us, you are more likely to make money because of your blog than with your blog.

Still, if you can at least cover your costs (as Winer admits he does through ads), this is worth a look. If you’re a TypePad customer (Deeje?), I’d be interested in hearing your thoughts.

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