TKG ILM 2004 PowerPoints Now Available

For those of you who weren’t able to attend, the PowerPoint slides for the various presenters at The Kelsey Groups’ Interactive Local Media 2004 conference are now available here.

My recommendations for those with a few minutes on their hands:

James Larrison’s (comScore Networks) preso. Lots of interesting data (much of which looks like a rehash from Web 2.0).

– The Dollars and Sense of Local Search (from the perspective of financial analysts Paul Ginocchio, Richard Fetyko and Mark May) [Links will trigger a PPT downloads]

Mark Pincus of, doing his very best to explain “Web 2.0” concepts to an audience, that is largely still trying to digest concepts from 2000. [PPT link, easier to read, as there are a bunch of wipes, etc]

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