Is that a Sony boycott I’m smelling?

Appearantly, Sony TV thinks throwing the hammer down on bloggers who are earnestly helping them spread their memes (i.e., Ken Jennings defeat on Jeopardy) is a good idea; at least if the BS happening to Jason Kottke is any indication.

John Battelle, Anil Dash and Steve Rubel are all on the scene.

Update: PubSub seizes on the meme and creates a dedicated public feed for it. Ya just gotta love that.

Update 2: Jeff Jarvis calls for a Blogger’s Legal Defense Society. Indirectly related, Rubel had earlier posted about securing freedom of press protections for bloggers.

Deeje, is this something P or her firm could help with? Lots of PR and goodwill in-kind.

Update 3: Looks like Jason Calacanis agrees.

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