LA based COO/GM position (e-commerce focused)

Like anyone who blogs (or is alive long enough), I occasionally hear about interesting job opps through friends, referred exec recruiters, etc. Dotan Saguy, who I met at Overture, emailed me about a new position he’s just created at his small, but growing (and profitable) SEM-driven E-commerce company:

Here are some details about the position:

The position is a COO type position who will be responsible for running and scaling the operations of my multi-line ecommerce business from the current 2 lines (a mature GPS line and a brand new baby gear line) up to a huge operation with 50+ lines and potentially hundreds of employees.

Here’s how I see the ideal candidate:

• Immense drive / Hunger to make the business fly. / Very entrepreneurial.

• Very rigorous, disciplined and prioritized

• Obsessed with Optimization of operations: Architect at heart. Master at building clocks that tick on their own with perfect accuracy.

• Experience leveraging technology to optimize and scale Operations

• Believes in growing people within the organization (GE-style). Viewed by their direct reports as a leader, an approachable mentor and an inspiration.

• Good with planning/budgeting, setting goals and following through

• On top of Financials

• Creative problem solver

• Thrives in competitive business environment. Obsessed with getting an edge over the competition.

• Can be a hands-on manager & roll-up his/her sleeves.

• Conservative but rational spender (spends right on the curve, not ahead of it and not behind it)

Prior experience:

Must have proven the ability to not only run a large operation, but also to scale a small operation into a large one.

Bottom line: He/She must be the kind of person you give the keys of your business to and yet you sleep better at night.

Potential Pluses:

• Retail experience is a plus

• Search marketing experience is a plus

• Previous Ecommerce Ops experience would be huge!

Dotan’s company currently operates the following sites:

If this sounds like you, or someone you know, you can reach Dotan at:

dsaguy -[AT]- yahoo -[DOT]- com

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