UltraPing, a new business for UltraDNS?

Dave Winer’s post about MSN Spaces pinging Weblogs.com reminded me that I hadn’t blogged a semi-interesting idea…

I mentioned to one of the senior execs of the company working on blog related offerings that I’m consulting to that there seemed to be a problem with Ping latency and/or lossyness. He agreed, saying that while he didn’t have hard numbers, he guessed that the servers might be losing as much as 30% of all pings (at peak). Obviously, that’s not workable now, and only likely to get worse at the rate of growth this meme is seeing.

I blurted out that UltraDNS seems like the company that ought to be running the servers, given the importance of pings to Feeds and UltraDNS’ experience with extremely high volume, high availability transactions.

Jeff Clavier, is this something you think UltraDNS would be interested in? (Admittedly, there likely isn’t much of a business in this at this time… but I suspect you would at least generate goodwill in the blogosphere, which might result in more DNS clients.)

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