Google News Gets Personal(ized)

I just dropped by Google News and noticed a big “Customize this Page” link in the upper right hand corner.

Clicking the link, I’m able to do several new things:

1. Rearrange the order of news sections (e.g., Top Stories, World, Sports) by simply dragging and dropping them; the two column format can’t be changed

2. Add a new ‘standard section’ (e.g., Top Stories, World, Sports)

3. Add a ‘custom section’; specify the keywords, and Google News will be your clipping service

4. Modify a second (number of headlines to display by default, etc)

5. Delete a section

There are a few obvious downsides:

A. It’s cookie vs. login based, so if you use more than one machine, you’ll need to configure it everywhere you go

B. You can specify keywords to clip, but you can’t simply point to a Feed… I guess we’ll have to wait a bit longer for Google Aggregator

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