More market data on Blog reading and writing

Building on the recent data releases by BlogAds and Technorati (part 2 here), Feedster’s corporate blog (Disclosure: I’ve done consulting work for Feedster in the past) points to two ‘new’ studies.

From a recent CNN, USA Today and Gallup study, we learn:

  • Just 7% of US Adults are very familiar with blogs
  • Blog readership highest among younger people
  • Older people are a receptive audience since they have the highest propensity for news consumption
  • 33% over age 65 use the Net
  • 28% of Net users over 65 read blogs
  • 95% of adults 18 to 29 years old use the Net
  • 44% of these young adults read blogs

And, from a study by Slashdot (of its own early adopter readership):

  • 73% will increase RSS feed usage in the next year
  • Many use non-traditional methods to read feeds such as mobile devices
  • Getting feeds through cell phones, SMS messaging, and other portable audio players will increase
  • Technology will improve as usage increases making RSS feeds easier to read and deliver

No major new so-what’s for you here; I think they’ve all been said (i.e., blogs and Feeds are steadily progressing across the chasm and onto alternative platforms, which will only accelerate as the major players complete and refine their micro-content stacks).

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