Press Hit – on Newspapers and Social Networking

Daithí Ó hAnluain has posted a very interesting look into how Newspapers (and news) are and aren’t being impacted by Social Networking, and, what Newspapers are, aren’t and should be doing with SN.

I’m quoted very liberally in the piece as a result of a multi-day, detailed and wide ranging email exchange with Daithí . For the most part, I think my views are presented in context; the one exception is that I’m not at all dour on the intersection of News and Social Networking, only in Newspaper sites establishing themselves as ‘destination social networking sites’, thus my references to FOAF, etc. (I probably could have been clearer in my reply.)

I’m going to ask Daithí for permission to post the ‘full transcript’ of the email exchange (I wonder if I have to…), as there are some other bits that I’d like to toss out to the community for comment.

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