FeedBurner On The Move

I couldn’t help but notice the contextual ads in Russell Beattie’s FeedBurner-serviced RSS Feed this morning; Russ was writing about his wife getting a learner’s permit (and his travails in buying a used car)… and there at the bottom of his Feed was an ad for buying/selling used cars from LiveDeal.

Separately, A VC (via RSS News via GlobeLogger – whew!) confirms the Overture driven contextual ads, and notes that FeedBurner will soon be launching an enhanced, for-pay version of their Feed stats package.

For good reason, I didn’t comment on the thread on FeedBurner this past weekend. For now, I’ll just say that those who don’t see the opportunity for Feed-services are missing a key piece of the puzzle… Who offers those services, and in what way, are much more interesting questions.

Update 4/4/2005: FeedBurner Gets Funding

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