Spontaneous geek dinner tonight in Palo Alto

Chris Yey was kind enough to invite me to HBS Tech’s Business 2010 dinner tonight. I’m headed there and expect to meet up with the always enlightening and entertaining Jeff Clavier.

I tried to rope Eleanor in, but as usual, she’s already got a bead on a half dozen other interesting events, including Stanford’s Entreprenuerial Thought Leaders series and Paul Graham’s How to Sell a Start-up.

So, we’re going to split event duty and hook-up at Il Fornaio in Palo Alto around 9’ish, for dinner/cocktails and dish on what we heard. Niall Kennedy and Mike Rowehl are also expected. Come on out if you’re in town!

Eleanor’s got a full write-up with more details.

For the most part, I enjoyed the Business 2010 event (bonus: the food and wine were respectable and plentiful)… though for much of it, I couldn’t help but think, “Folks, go read The Profit Zone“. Thanks to Chris Yeh again for the invite. (A quick nod also to the PCOW crew who we chatted with briefly after the event.)

Also… Note to self… if Mike & Elle are involved, it’ll likely turn from a small casual cocktail into a big f’n scene (in a good way). Large turnout last night… didn’t count, but I’d guess ~20 people. Didn’t really get to spend time with everyone, but it was great to meet & chat with Matt Mullenweg (better known as Photo Matt, or “that WordPress/Ping-o-Matic” guy) and the fabulous GlendaB (who I never got to hang with while at KRD).

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One comment on “Spontaneous geek dinner tonight in Palo Alto
  1. Chris says:

    Alas, I didn’t know about Paul’s event before we scheduled Business 2010. I love Paul’s essays. Instead, I’m going to catch up with him in Cambridge when I go there next month for my HBS class reunion.