Add RSS Feeds to Personalized Google Home Page

As promised at the Factory Tour, Google’s Personalized Home Page (aka MyGoogle) now supports RSS (and Atom) Feeds.

Here’s a screen shot:

You’ll notice, on the left hand side, the option to “Create a New Section”; here, you specify the RSS Feed URL… and away you go.

With no OPML support to upload a bunch of RSS Feeds at once, and a UI that is, for all intents and purposes identical to MyYahoo, this won’t be the interface for the hungry information consumer.

It is, however, yet another step forward in pushing Feeds mainstream… despite cries to the contrary from various naysayers.

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2 comments on “Add RSS Feeds to Personalized Google Home Page
  1. Hashim says:

    It’s ugly. It’s uninspired. It’s barely useful.

    Google should have played the corner until they could figure out something next generational, like they did with search, advertising, and email.

  2. Replicant88 says:

    Its barely useful.