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Oh come on, you knew I’d eventually find a way to spam you with advertising via RSS, right? Well, hopefully getting yourself and/or a friend get a great job with a cool start-up will make it a bit less painful. (Besides, my emerging product roadmap looks like a poster-child for Web 2.0, so this is totally relevant!)

I’ve got three critical spots to fill on my team (one each product management, content management and usability/design); notice I didn’t list specific titles… I’m looking for people who can be senior contributors now and who can scale as our revenue justfies growing the team.

If you or a friend is a fit, please email me at moreinfo AT buzzhit dot com.

Here’s the intro boiler stuff that makes HR happy:
HealthLine is the fastest and easiest way to find, understand and manage information about consumer health. Five years in development, and created in collaboration with 1,100 physician specialists, the company’s patented HealthMap search platform is powered by an unparalleled medical taxonomy that encompasses nearly one million medical terms and synonyms. Using state-of-the art medical informatics, these terms are matched and compared to the diverse ways in which they are used within the context of human medical conditions to provide much more relevant and precise results than broad, horizontal search engines. The company’s health search portal,, addresses the needs of the more than 100 million health information seekers by delivering more relevant search results, empowering them to better manage and ultimately make more informed healthcare decisions. Healthdash’s patented contextual search-mapping process is also used to enable major healthcare providers such as Merck, PacifiCare, and Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center to deliver critical resources and tools to both consumers and members. Currently in Emeryville, company will relocate to SF during midsummer.

User Experience/Usability/Graphic Design position:

In this role, you will work closely with usability-driven product managers, Web developers and engineers to both refine the user interface and define the visual appearance of the Healthdash web site. Specific responsibilities will include:

  • Collaborate with product managers and engineers to problem-solve usability and interaction design problems in the creation of wireframes;
  • Create visual designs to address product, marketing and business needs;
  • Gain customer perspective through observation of usability testing;
  • Create prototypes for usability testing, business development, etc.;
  • Prepare production-ready design elements;
  • Ensure design consistency throughout the Healthdash site (and in offline materials.

Required Skills and Qualifications:

  • 4+ years of user interface and design experience for respected consumer Web sites or consumer software applications;
  • Understanding and experience designing in a user-centered design process;
  • Ability to grasp and visually create the subtleties of a marketing “voice”;
  • Track-record of on-time, on-budget project delivery, comfortable in a fast-paced, deadline-rich environment;
  • Strong verbal communication skills;
  • Great eye for detail;
  • Able to design out-of-the-box solutions to complex user interaction and design problems;
  • Ability to work independently as well as in cross-functional groups;
  • Must have solid understanding of current web technologies (html, dhtml, css);
  • Samples of online work (where you were the primary designer) will be required;
  • A “trial run” on a paid freelance project or two will likely also be a requirement.

Content Management position:

The position will bear primary responsibility for managing the identification, acquisition, review, editing, search engine optimization and publishing (to the Web) of high value consumer-oriented medical articles and other content. Specific responsibilities will include:

  • Building (with substantial internal assistance) and managing a network of high-quality freelance medical editors, physician article authors and physician content reviewers; ¨ Developing (with internal assistance) and managing the process of creating, reviewing, editing, search engine optimizing and publishing Web content;
  • Monitoring and reporting on free search engine referrals from Healthdash-published content; ¨ Analyzing and understanding search, traffic, advertising and medical trends in order to prioritize content for acquisition, creation, etc.;
  • Identifying third-party sources of medical content (for acquisition, partnership, etc.);
  • Working with Biz Dev to strike relationships for third-party content. Required Skills and


  • Strong verbal communication skills;
  • Substantial editorial or journalistic experience;
  • Prior experience with production of Web content;
  • Outstanding organizational ability;
  • Strong analytical skills;
  • Strong management skills and experience managing teams of people;
  • Experience managing a large network of geographically-dispersed freelance writers or editors is ideal;
  • Experience with Search Engine Optimization is a plus;
  • A medical credential would be ideal.

Product Management position:

The position will bear primary responsibility for providing product management leadership across the company’s web site and core platform technologies. Specifically, this will include:

  • Refining and owning a compelling product vision for our website (with emphasis on usability) and core platform technologies (i.e., search, personalization, etc) based on consumer and competitive research;
  • Evangelizing the website product vision through the organization;
  • Developing compelling and detailed product requirements in close collaboration with engineering leaders;
  • Facilitating the prioritization of technology initiatives, using approaches as quantitative and objective as possible;
  • Day-to-day facilitation and leadership of project teams, including schedule management;
  • Cross-functional collaboration to assure smooth development and launch of features.

Required Skills and Qualifications

  • Web 2.0 mentality, including experience with APIs and open source tools/platforms (including Lucene)
  • 4+ years of product management experience required;
  • Full-lifecycle product management experience with a heavily visited Web service or content website;
  • Track-record of on-time, on-budget project delivery;
  • Substantial in-bound marketing (consumer market research) experience;
  • Strong management skills and experience leading teams of people through influence;
  • Strong verbal communication skills;
  • Strong project management skills, detail orientation and organizational ability;
  • Substantial experience establishing priorities and facilitating tradeoffs in priority-setting;
  • Demonstrated ability managing long-term projects, and multiple projects simultaneously;
  • Strong analysis and problem-solving, especially in identification of root causes;
  • Experience working with a team-led product development process preferred.

Please send all resumes to moreinfo AT buzzhit DOT com.

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