Michael sees an Amazon Web 2.0 play

Michael Parekh — who I feel fortunate to say occasionally comments here on buzzhit! — has a very thoughtful post on how Amazon could open up reviews as a true Web 2.0 company. (via Susan)

Michael, right on. This is at the heart of OpenReviews, structured blogging and micro-formats; you clearly see the potential (and have articulated it better than most)!

While I certainly can’t speak to Amazon, I do know that a fair bit smaller site is working on implementing exactly what you’ve described for their members (and by extension of the implementation, the web at large). I can’t say more than that right now for the sake of a couple of personal and professional relationships, but I hold high hopes for these folks to get it right, and shine a light down the path for the rest of us.

Michael, do you think it could work for a health site too?

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One comment on “Michael sees an Amazon Web 2.0 play
  1. John Derrick says:

    Wow, that is awesome!

    I think it would apply to many types of websites. I would love to it used on vitamin/supplement websites like vitacost.

    John Derrick