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Networked Life, the Esther Dyson Way Monday, May 20, 2002, 7:44 PM ET

Technology diva and investor Esther Dyson sees a future for business in which the more people you connect and interact with, the better you do, according to a story in Fortune.

Dyson’s life is all about networking, both personal and technological. Networking is how she functions, what she offers to others, and what helped her win renown, according to the story.

Dyson, who has investments in more than 40 startups, believes that small businesses will operate more effectively if they encourage their employees to network constantly–with each other, with customers, and with suppliers. And the Internet is an unstoppable force pushing business in that direction.

Because of networking, “[c]ompanies are going to be more transparent and visible,” she says in the story. “In a world of plentiful information, people [won’t] just go get a job. People will want to work where they like the culture and fit in.”

More on Dyson

Fortune features an interview with Esther Dyson and her view of the networked future.

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