Headlines Powered by Business Wire: “The Walt Disney Company (NYSE:DIS) today announced the launch of its MovieBeam(SM) on-demand movie rental service. MovieBeam will give consumers instant access in their homes to recent DVD and video releases, as well as a wide variety of popular favorites, from almost all of the major studios.

This week, MovieBeam will launch in Jacksonville, Fla.; Salt Lake City, Utah; and Spokane, Wash. Consumers in those three markets will have the ability to rent films from their homes without the inconvenience of trips to and from the video store and without the possibility of incurring rental late fees.

VOD – Video On Demand — moves one step closer with this new service from Disney. We just converted over to digital cable at home, which gives us access to TimeWarner’s iControl VOD service… will be testing it soon to see if it can dislodge my NFLX loyalty…

The MovieBeam receiver — manufactured by Samsung Electronics — is a first-of-its-kind device that automatically receives movies, stores them on its hard-drive, and gives consumers the opportunity to view them on their schedule. MovieBeam always offers 100 movies in full digital quality, and every week, about 10 new movies are transmitted via a digital wireless signal to the MovieBeam receiver’s small indoor antenna, replacing 10 titles. The data transmissions take the form of secure data streams and are sent through the broadcast spectrum of television stations owned by ABC and National Datacast’s network of PBS stations. MovieBeam will work whether or not a consumer has a cable or satellite television subscription. “

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